Passive Learning is Not Enough to Make Lasting Changes

Can you have the body of your dreams in 4 weeks, 6 weeks? You can certainly get closer to your goals, but will these changes last? How much do you know about healthy eating? Most of us have read dozens of articles and even read books on healthy eating. Most of know what to do. But what are you doing with this knowledge? Can a great book, article, or even 8 week nutrition challenge cause you to change a lifetime of habits?

We think- rarely. Knowledge is great and in fact we believe the more you know, the sooner things will click. But things will click when you are either with the right coach or in the right program for you. The program or coach should be teaching you action-based strategies, because book knowledge is simply not enough. We think that you don’t actually KNOW something until you HAVE DONE IT.

Thought exercises performed daily will rewire your brain. And honestly, brain rewiring is necessary to end bad habits and develop new healthier ones. Healthy habits will lead to lasting body composition changes. 

Audio lessons, video lessons, coaches, and social support all aid in the process of building your ideal body composition. A customized plan that takes your body type, shape, size and lifestyle is necessary for success. Everyone can cut carbs for X amount of weeks and some will drop a lot of weight while others might lose none. But is this something that you can sustain for the rest of your life to keep that weight from coming back?

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