Who and what do you need to help you become the “dream” version of yourself?

Temptation is everywhere. However, if you are honest with yourself. Honest with where you are and where you want to be- temptation eventually becomes a non-issue. 

Nourish yourself by practicing the daily habits we teach. This daily practice will begin the process of rewiring your brain and is necessary for long term success. What once was hard or impossible will become easy and routine. The path from hard and impossible to easy and routine will be a long road (from 365 days to a lifetime to be exact). The road might be bumpy at times. You might want to give up and revert back to old habits. When that time comes, just be honest with yourself again. Ask yourself where you were when you started, where are you now, and where you want to be. Chances are you will see that you have made substantial progress from where you started and often that is enough motivation to saddle up and continue the ride. If temptation keeps leading you away from the road to your goals, you must seek support from a coach, mentors, friends and or family. 

Many obstacles can stand in your way. It is up to you to make sure that you have the support to resist temptations, overcome the obstacles, be honest with yourself and get back on that road! Who and what do you need to help you become the “dream” version of yourself?

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